Amor R. Salinas, Cynthia P. Sajot, Asuncion B. De Guzman


Capture fisheries is an important economic activity of coastal communities expected to be greatly affected by changing climate, either through degradation of supporting shallow marine habitats or reduced fisher productivity due to adverse weather conditions. Landed catch monitoring was done to determine the status of coastal fisheries in Lianga Bay. Result of the study shows that fish production in the Bay is primarily influenced by seasonal variation. High fish production estimates were observed in southwest monsoon months (June to October) with 1,589.95 tons in 2009 and 2,063.44 tons in 2010. Limited two-year data showed a positive correspondence between fish production and sea surface temperature, however; linking fisheries production to climate changes needs a longer time-series data on coastal fisheries of Lianga Bay.


coastal fisheries, fish production, climate change, vulnerability

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