Nancy S. Doloriel


Sugarcane is one of the most important industrial crops in the world. It is cultivated for various food and non-food products and by-products. This study aimed to evaluate the productivity and profitability of sugarcane farming by farm size and by a number of ratoon crops.Results revealed that there was a significant difference in the productivity of inputs by farm size and by a number of ratoon crops. Large sugarcane farm size and first ratoon utilization were highest and most productive significantly than other farm sizes and number of ratoon crops. Regarding profitability by farm size and by a number of ratoon crops, it revealed that there was a significant difference at one percent (1%) level of probability. Moreover, large sugarcane farm was the most profitable of the three farm sizes. The first ratoon, on the other hand, was the most profitable of the three ratoon croppings.


sugarcane, productivity, profitability, ratoon, farm size

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