Poetic Vision in Alberto Florentino’s Select Plays

Mardie E. Bucjan


Literature is life-it represents human experience, values and culture. It also mirrors humanity, events and history. It is one of the seven art disciplines which bring happiness to every soul, hence; it is fascinating to take a glimpse on its beauty as a work of art. This paper aims to identify the poetic vision of the selected plays of Alberto S. Florentino through Mimeses in terms of characterization and setting; and Semiotics on signifier-signified relationship (symbolisms). The qualitative content analysis is used in this paper and the analysis focuses on the five award winning pieces namely. “The World is an Apple”, “Cadaver”, “The Dancers”, “Cavort with Angels” and “OliImpan”. Results reveal that these plays reflect the social ills as gleaned from their characterization, setting, signifier- signified relationship and poetic vision. The following are hereby recommended: (1.) The inherent features of a literary work such as; characters, settings and symbolisms of any literary genres such as; poetry, short story and essay be analyzed as to their poetic vision; (2.) Analysis of social themes and symbols may be used for inclusion in the course syllabus, curriculum design and instructional materials development for literature classes.


Alberto S. Florentino, literature, mimeses, plays, poetic vision, signifier-signified

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